The Ranch

Tagalong Turds

Tagalong Turds produces the finest organic manure products for your gardening needs. The ultimate in organic fertilizer. No pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Our products include horse, cow and chicken manures both fresh as well as dried, shredded and aged.

Tagalong Honey

Tagalong Honey is committed to delivering the highest quality honey from unique microclimate and agricultural environment of Randolph County, Georgia. With unwavering dedication, sustainable practices, and meticulous care, we ensure the well-being of our bees, providing them with an environment where they can thrive, pollinate, and create the exquisite flavors that define our honey. We also sell artisan beeswax candles, beeswax and honeycomb.

Tagalong Shrooms

TagalongShrooms mission is to produce the highest quality, sustainably grown mushrooms in SW Georgia. We grow gourmet mushrooms like shiitakes, oyster, lion’s mane, pioppini, and chestnuts. Low in calories, rich in nutrients, fits any meal and lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer and other illnesses, mushrooms are the secret agent of superfoods.

Chef Trudie

Chef Trudie (also known as Tagalong Trudie) lives an extraordinary life, born an Australian Blue Heeler, someone forgot to tell her she was actually a dog and not an adventure seeking foodie. Join Chef Truide in her series of books as she explores dog friendly recipes, dog friendly restaurants in hundreds of cities around the county and shares her daily adventures living a dogs life.

Equine Facilities

Tagalong Ranch boosts brand new, state of the art equine facilities including spacious horse stalls, an indoor riding arena, outdoor show arena, round pen, hot walker, pristine trails and spacious grazing paddocks.

Sustainable Farming

Tagalong Ranch once fully operational will focus on sustainable farming with an organic farm growing over thirty different fruits and vegetables. We also plan for a greenhouse to provide for year-round growing, hydroponic gardens and a working fruit orchard.

RV / Tent Camping

Future plans include RV/Tent camping with secluded full hookup RV sites and rustic tent camping.